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Susuga Malietoa Laupepa 18411898 King of Samoa sitting for a
Susuga Malietoa Laupepa (1841–1898), King of Samoa, sitting for a portrait in 1893
Susuga Malietoa Laupepa (1841–1898) was the ruler (Malietoa) of Samoa
Portrait du Roi, souverain ou chef de tribu Susuga Malietoa Laupepa (b. 1841 - 1898) (1875-1887) 1889-1898 et du Samoa (gravure, 1889)
Susuga Malietoa Laupepa (1841–1898) was the ruler (Malietoa) of Samoa
Susuga Malietoa Laupepa, 1841-1898, was the ruler of Samoa in the late
Malietoa Laupepa, King of Samoa, ca. 1890 - Stock Image
Susuga Malietoa Laupepa (1841-1898). Ruler of Samoa in the late 19th
Malietoa, King of Samoa, 1890 - Stock Image
Malietoa Laupepa, the Samoan kong of the three contractual powers; died 1898
Samoan Native. Taber, San Francisco. Copyright 1894
Jim Seta, a Native of Samoa. c1876 Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Vanuatu
Malietoa Laupepe. His father was Malietoa Moli.
Engraving of the Samoan King, Malietoa. From the Picturesque Atlas of Australasia Vol 3
Tribal chief who fought in the Samoan Civil War
King of Samoa from 1887 to near From a german colonial album of Apia / Samoa
King Mataafa of Samoa, 1912 - Stock Image
Image from page 276 of "Samoa 'uma, where life is different" (
Samoa Postcards Polynesian Islands, Polynesian Art, Samoan Women, Cook Islands, Vanuatu,
Sa'o tama'ita'i Fa'amu (also known as Fa'amusami Malietoa), daughter of Malietoa Laupepa. Seated portrait of a young woman. Photograph taken circa 1895 by ...
1895 Scott 2 rose "King Malietoa Laupepa" Quick History The Samoan archipelago is in the South Pacific Ocean, and is one of th.
Chief Seumanutafa of Apia, a loyal follower of the Malietoa family
Malietoa Tanumafili II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Malietoa Laupepa, ca. 1880s - Stock Image
Samoa Savea Malietoa
Malietoa Tanu, King of Samoa
Samoan Woman with swept-up hair Maker Role Date Andrew, Thomas photographer 1905
HIGH CHIEFS of SAMOA - HH Malietoa Tanumafili
Tupua Tamasese Titimaea Candidate for King of Samoa 1889 - Stock Image
Indigenous Samoan woman. Pinterest @sweetness Samoan Women, Aboriginal People, History Photos,
Bula Vinaka, Malo Lelei & Talofa Lava I was wondering if their were any intermarriages between Fijian Royal Families & Samoan Royal Families?
Ratu Timoci, Son of King Cakobau, King of Samoa, ca 1890 - Stock
English: Samoan talking chief Mata'afa Malietoa Tuiatua, ca 1900. Photographer unidentified
Samoa | "Chief's Son" ~ scanned postcard, sent to England in 1907. Published by Kerry
Group of people, two men in front wearing traditional samoan clothing. Creator/Contributor
Historical Images of Samoa 1 Samoan Women, South Pacific, Pacific Ocean, Solomon Islands
King Tafa' ifa Malietoa Tanumafili I of Samoa,
Title: Portrait of man wearing traditional Samoan skirt. Creator/Contributor: Lambert,
Historical photo of Hand of the Cause of God, Amatu'l-Bahá Rúhíyyih Khánum with the King and Queen of Samoa
Fa-le-nefu, a young Samoan woman | Items | National Library of
Samoa -- King Mataafa & Chiefs with American Correspondent (Klein)_155 - Stock
Portrait of a taupo, a young Samoan village maiden, taken in the 1890s by
young samoan girls in traditional samoan style dress with samoan selu tuiga combs photo by
Minister of Island Territories Hon J Mathieson; the High Commissioner for Western Samoa Mr GR Powles; and Hon Malietoa Tanumafili.
Seumanutafa Pogai, a high chief of Apia in Samoa, circa 1890-1910.
Chief Lauti (Host of Festival)
Samoan princess Samoan People, Polynesian People, Polynesian Islands, Polynesian Culture, Samoan Women
Portrait of a young Samoan woman Andrew, Thomas 1890-1910 Melanesian People, Samoan
Samoan taupou
Malietoa Laupepa, 1895 - Stock Image
Fanua, a young Samoan bride in her wedding gown, 1890's Samoan Women, Fiji
Honored guests at the opening of the Baha'i Temple in Samoa in 1984:
Woman from the Samoan Islands 1848 - Stock Image
Samoan men
Man of the Samoan Islands, 19th century. - Stock Image
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Samoa | Chief wearing an elaborate headdress. ca. 1905 | ©Charles Kerry & Co
Portrait of an unidentified Samoan woman, 1890s
Samoan taupou wearing a selu tuiga and fine mat
Samoan taupou South Pacific, Beaded Necklaces, Shaggy, Colonial, Costume Ideas, Bodice
A place to plan the very first Malietoa Reunion - that's not a funeral, wedding or court case.
Margaret Mead
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A woman named Suenga, from a Samoan village, circa 1880s-1890s. Photographer
(Samoan Royalty) Early King Malietoa and His Family Samoan Women, South Pacific,
Explore Samoan People, Historical Photos, and more!
Black entrepreneur and abolitionist Mary Ellen Pleasant was born in She helped to spread the Underground Railroad to California during the Gold Rush and is ...
Malietoa Talavou and his Masiofo.
An early photo of a Samoan Princess (Masiofo), Properly Seated , Samoan Style.
Chief Malietoa Moli of Samoa 1858 - 1860 by Alfred Agate
Description: Chief Tamesese and other Samoan war-chiefs gather around a Kava bowl. Four are sitting with a mat in front of them and five ...
Portrait of a Samoan woman named Sulu, 1890s Samoan Women, Family Origin, Samoan
Samoa Postcards and Picture Galleries
Native family of Samoa. Date taken: July 1962 Photographer: Carl Mydans
The Women of Samoa
Baron Vaea - pilot in the RNZAF during World War Two. Father of current Queen
samoa - Google Search
Samoan warrior
'Mata'afa Iosefo (born 1832 - died 6 February 1912) was a
Headsman, Samoa Burton Brothers photography studio 1899
Samoan pastor and his family, Samoa, ca. 1883 :: International Mission Photography
Historical Images of Samoa 1923
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Chief Ama of Matoto of Lotofaga in Safata and his old war club (anava) named Faitasi.
Samoa Picture Gallery 9
A young daugther of a chief (taupou) in Leone (Tutuila) (photographed
samoan princess or taupou in traditional dress.....she is holding a Nifo Oti or Tooth of death club for authority and power.....sometimes used for dancing
Portrait of young man with traditional Samoan clothing and headdress. Samoan People, Samoan Dance
The Germans in Samoa 26. Back:Louisa Kronfeld,Katherina Betham Front: Margeretta Betham, Jennifer Kronfeld
THE SAMOAN ISLANDS, 1881: 1. Leumanu, Chief of Apia. 2.
1285 Samoa 1896 2½d King Malietoa BLACK error of colour perf 11 - Stock Image
Samoan Girl - 1900 View of a woman standing holding her hands in front of her
Lalovai Peseta is a truly talented Samoan artist who also teaches art at Itu-o
A Samoan woman of Aleipata, the daughter of Fonoti in Amaile- Augustin Krämer - Google Search
Samoa: The Heart of Polynesia 2
Samoa. Warrior wearing a war time dress Ethnic Fashion, Diversity, Martial Arts,
Description: A Samoan Girl identified as Siatunum. Samoan Women, Black Indians, Aboriginal
Lieutenant Gaunt instructing some of Malietoa's supporters, Upolu, Samoa, 1899
A chief's son (manaia) wearing the tuiga head ornament (see Plate I)