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Gravestone of a couple and their son, who died in the first world war, giving the son's cause of death and where he died.
couples grave
Here lies a couple of dead Stiffs :-)
MANY graves for members of this local family, Spitsnogle. It's spelled a couple different ways, depending on the age of the grave.
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While walking through the LaPorte Cemetery in Harris County, Texas this gravestone caught my attention. It's a lovely marker in wonderful shape, ...
Grave Marker- Matthau died of a heart attack in Santa Monica. His remains are interred in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.
Though Duxbury's first and second meetinghouses no longer stand, markers have been placed to show
Space can be at a premium in cemeteries … and when it runs out, reusing old graves is an option. William Murphy/Flickr, CC BY-SA
Beautiful statue of a Dutch couple. The headstone reads: Time brings us together under
... cemeteries across America. 'Gatsby' Author Fitzgerald Rests In A D.C. Suburb
Civil War Photos, Chicken Soup, American Civil War, Monuments, Cemetery, Civilization, Soldiers, Pride, Ms
Anglonautes > English vocabulary / words > Death > Graveyard, Cemetery, Mausoleum, Grave, Tomb, Burial, Crematorium
The Graveyard Detective: Victorian Couple's Tragic Loss
Little Fanny: buried next to her sister, little Georgie (Georgianna); died within a couple of years of each other
Lindsey Palka's previous work for The Toast can be found here. Who likes cemeteries?
Gravestone of my maternal grandparents
hope cemetery barre vermont
Springfield Cemetery in Springfield, MA
Oil derrick in a graveyard. Working oil pump among the tombs
'What Gets Remembered': How Visiting a Cemetery Can Teach You About History
Cemetery, Tombstones, Graveyard, Grave, Memorial, Death
Information in English, Bible verse in German (Dallas, TX)
tombstone with flowers in graveyard
US Military headstones in Weatherford, Texas (photo by Tui Snider)
Tombstone, Old Grave Stones, Cemetery, Old, Dead
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Marjorie and Alex Wood from Stockport did not know that their stillborn child was buried just
Eastern Cemetery Hull GOOGLE. GRAVEYARD: Couple have reportedly been ...
These grave markers -- pressed up against either side of an imposing wall, with a pair of clasped hands reaching over the wall's top -- date to a time in ...
70 Brilliant Tombstones By People Whose Sense Of Humor Will Live Forever
An angel figurine tops a headstone at St. Peter Cemetery on Staten Island in New
Worsley Cemetery, Vernon Co., MO. Looks like they were not sisters because they were born a couple months apart but died on the same day. Sad.
Couple holding hands in twin beds gravestones at the Hope Cemetery in Barre Vermont the granite capital of the world
Monumental Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris
Unearthing just some of the secrets from town graveyard | News | Tavistock Times Gazette
Two round columns joined by an arch on top represents the gateway to eternity. This is used for the graves of a husband and wife, joined in death, ...
Kerry Deaths & Burials
Two gravestones at St. Adalbert Cemetery on Milwaukee's south side have been enveloped by a large tree, which was cut down several years ago.
A dead Russian woman has been given a 5ft high tombstone in the shape of her
Cemetery, Death
graveyard A couple have been told that they cannot erect a heart shaped gravestone in St Saviour's church, Bolton, for their stillborn son Credit: ©2018 ...
Leonard Matlovich's grave at Congressional Cemetery. (All photos courtesy of Paul Williams)
The traditional attitude of Judaism was not to encourage excessive grave visitation. The rabbis were apprehensive that frequent visiting to the cemetery ...
Beth Am Temple provides burial solution for interfaith couples
Fernand Arbelot was a musician and actor who died in 1990 and was buried in the Pere Lachaise cemetery. He wished to gaze at the face of his wife for ...
Houdini Grave
Betsey's gravestone in Skowhegan's Southside Cemetery makes it clear that family was important to her. How proud she and James must have been that their ...
Grave from Greenbush Cemetery (Photo: Ed Lausch)
love death sculpture couple kiss grave Romantic angel gothic mason grief cemetery graveyard monument gravestone romanticism
Graveyard magick: A Witch's guide
This grave haunts me. Praying for the dead at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Moon, I'd walked down a row and found myself among the graves at the edge of the ...
Take a look at Will County's small, overgrown cemeteries and burial sites - Daily Southtown
Photo by Ruth Tam
Tombs of Pere Lachaise cemetery (Shutterstock: see credit below)
In a sense, the shield consumes the soldiers' identities—even in death, ...
Adrian Watkinson and his partner, Diana Beaupré have spent the past nine years hunting around the U.K. for long lost and often forgotten graves for 3,897 ...
The large marble marker was used for the grave of Jesse Cravens' wife who died in 1885. A four-line epitaph was engraved at the bottom.
Kosovo. Village of Gaglavica. Graveyard of a serb family. The husband is already
Traditional village graves, like this one at St Mary's church in Harmondsworth west London,
'Hundreds' of US Jewish graves attacked in Philadelphia - BBC News
Cemetery, Burial, Graveyard, Death, Funeral, Grave
Image. As public cemeteries ...
Designated America's oldest maintained cemetery in 1977.
Can a Muslim be buried next to a non-Muslim?
How Buying and Selling Cemetery Plots Can Make You Money | GOBankingRates
Find a Grave // Dustin Oliver
Two graves on opposite sides of a wall, with stone hands emerging from the top
Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris is possibly the most visited graveyard in the world, and it's known as much for the beauty of its monuments as for the ...
Tombstone of Sgt. R. Shipp, Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery. Photo by Amy
Gravestone of Frank, Servant of John Hancock
In Hartford, Aging Cemeteries Need Upkeep and Repairs but Lack Resources
photograph of cemetery filled with tombs and headstones
Roman tombstone
Pricey family graves a fading tradition in aging Japan Graveyard ...
Adolph Hittler's grave.
Zōshigaya Cemetery: a famous graveyard